-What kind of digital impression are you leaving on your teams, your clients, your prospects? 


-How can you level up your "screen speak" to attract attention, increase your influence, and sell smarter? 

we are 34x more persuasive in-person than on digital platforms.

and yet, since the pandemic hit, how much time are you spending selling, communicating, and collaborating from behind a screen? 

Erin King is a three-time entrepreneur, Amazon #1 bestselling author, and the world's leading digital persuasion expert. She's been profiled in outlets ranging from FORBES to SUCCESS magazine. From the United States Navy at the Pentagon, to the Academy Awards in Hollywood, Erin's award-winning PUB method has been utilized by some the biggest brands on the planet. 

- Kristen Montgomery, VP of global events

(has hired talent like carrie underwood, tony robbins, rachel hollis, etc.)

Perfect for: 

- General session keynote
- Sales kickoff meetings
- Leadership summits

This presentation is about: 

-Communication: how to be more impactful and persuasive in today’s digital Workplace

-Influence: how to lead and manage others, attract attention and sell smarter
in A Post-Pandemic world

-Persuasion: how to differentiate yourself with "Screen speak"
that triggers emotion and trust

Your audience learns:

1. How to improve your "Digital Impression" to be more influential and dynamic in Today's Hybrid Workplace

2. How to avoid the number one thing blocking you from being
your most digitally persuasive self

3. Erin’s proven, powerful 3-step optimization formula so you can communicate with clarity, impact, and confidence

the keynote:

digital persuasion:
ignite your influence 

- Ida fields, SVP, Corcoran Group

(Barbara Corcoran's right hand gal
and 25-year meeting professional veteran)